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Divorce and Superior Court Mediation Services


Mediation is one form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) that has been proven to be an efficient tool to resolve disputes for lawyers and their clients throughout the judicial system. It is a cost effective tool for resolving conflicts in nearly every area of law. To have a productive mediation, it is imperative that your mediator be experienced in the area of law in which your case resides.

Whether your mediation is court ordered or you perceive your case is ripe for settlement, our mediators will skillfully determine the parties’ positions and help craft creative solutions with which your clients will find satisfaction. With the right negotiators, even the most complex and difficult cases can find resolution through mediation.

Our lawyer/mediators provide:

  • Pre-Suit Mediation Services;
  • Civil Superior Court Mediations; and
  • Family Financial Mediation

We are experienced trial lawyers. Of the five North Carolina Dispute Resolution Certified Mediators at Tharrington Smith, four are Board Certified Specialist in their practice areas, three are former judges and one is an AAML certified arbitrator. Our professional neutrals are versed in multiple areas of civil litigation and family law, each bringing extensive practice experience to assist in resolving your matter. We are skilled negotiators, offering flexible schedules and facilities and charge reasonably for services rendered. As practicing attorneys, we are efficient, effective, and skilled in the law. Our talented and innovative lawyers are creative problem solvers and have a passion for justice and the legal system.

We provide Wi-Fi ready, professional and neutral facilities at our offices in downtown Raleigh’s beautiful Wells Fargo Building. Off-street parking is available, along with the amenity of Raleigh’s well-known eateries and refreshing atmosphere for break periods. We serve lawyers and their clients in the Triangle and beyond from our offices or at locations convenient to the parties. Call us for your next mediation conference.