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Mediation and Arbitration

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is now a traditional part of most civil matters, for divorce, and other disputes that bring people and businesses to court. Mediation is a required element of most lawsuits, and is mandatory for many divorce matters, including custody and property settlement. Most civil lawsuits are required to mediate in form based orders setting trial. Mediation is a successful tool to help parties find agreement to much, if not all, elements of dispute without the necessity for trial. While ADR is commonly thought of in terms of mediation, it also includes court avoidance tools like Arbitration, Neutral Evaluation, Presuit Settlement Conferences and Collaborative Divorce.

The mediators and arbitrators in the Dispute Resolution Section at Tharrington Smith are practicing, respected litigators. Our lawyers provide structured negotiation and arbitration services to other lawyers and their clients in the Triangle, the Triad and throughout central North Carolina. We offer ADR services for Superior Court Civil matters and family matters. Our lawyers are certified by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission as Superior Court Mediators and Family Financial Mediators, and/or the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers in Family Law Arbitration. We know the value of effective third party negotiators for our own litigation matters and are pleased to facilitate these efficiently negotiated outcomes for our peers.

Schedule your next mediation with a litigator experienced in areas of practice that relate to your clients’ cases. Our mediators and arbitrators can manage your settlement conference at our well appointed, neutral offices centrally located in downtown Raleigh, or at another location of your choice. Call the ADR professionals at Tharrington Smith to settle your clients’ cases efficiently and effectively.


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